About Us

We loved the rad style of surf & skate in the 80s & 90s and wanted to bring some of that stoke to snow today.  With the help of some amazing artists like the talented Steve Nazar and knarley Kurono, we've created some badass characters on the mountain - from Snowzilla & Snorilla to Snoclops, SnoBunny to Wally the Woolly Mammoth, Sno-Rex to Snosquatch - these guys are out to shred that gnarly gnar, in animated form ;-D.  We hope our SnoSquad brings some of that dope retro feel of the surf & skate culture of years past to today's pow.   

Support your loCAL mountain. 


**Sno*Cal is not in any way affiliated with any of the awesome CA ski resorts that might be depicted in its products.**