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SnoCalendar (2024 calendar)

SnoCalendar (2024 calendar)

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Our first annual SnoCalendar! All of our favorite characters from our favorite artists Steve Nazar and Kurono are scattered through the months.  Snorilla, Snoclops, Snowzilla, Sno-Rex, Snosquatch, Snobunny, Wally the Woolly Mammoth, Vincent van Snogh & the Sgnomes! 

  • January: Snow Ballin' with Snorilla (Steve Nazar)
  • February: Snorilla meets Sno-Rex (Steve Nazar)
  • March: Snowzilla (Kurono)
  • April: SnoSquad - collab piece w/ Steve Nazar & Kurono
  • May: Snoclops (Kurono)
  • June: Snobunny (Kurono)
  • July: Wally the Woolly Mammoth (Kurono)
  • August: Vincent van Snogh (Kurono)
  • September: Fresh Powder with Snorilla (Steve Nazar)
  • October: Lift Squad - collab piece with Steve Nazar & Kurono
  • November: Snosquatch Xing over Snorilla (Steve Nazar)
  • December: The Sgnomes (Kurono)

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.: One size: 10.8" × 8.4" 
.: The "matte" finish is
.: High quality 270gsm paper with semi-glossy finish
.: Date grids for each month
.: 3/8" silver wire binding
.: Centered holes for hanging

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